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Modern Smart Home Must-Haves in the Multifamily Space

Smart home tech isn’t just for the single-family home. These systems and devices can improve property management, reduce cost and emissions and enhance the tenant experience.Smart home tech in multifamily communities is quickly becoming a must-have for today’s discerning renter, and with good reason. The right technology can play a significant role in improving residents’ experiences and enhancing the ease of operations for onsite staff. Bu

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Celebrating 10 Years!!!!

It has been a decade! A full 10 years of striving to provide better real estate services and lifestyles for everyone in our grasp. We thank every one of our loyal members and look forward to continuing our relationship on even more prosperous grounds. And we also thank each and every individual that has put their faith into our members and worked with us to get your own dreams fulfilled. With over $300 million in sales in over 1K transactions, sa

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UK-based construction productivity startup adds new tool for daily site, a U.K.-based construction technology company with a platform that uses artificial intelligence to help project managers track work, capture data from building sites and make better project decisions, has launched a new product, Impulse, that highlights issues gleaned from 360° site scans captured in its platform.Impulse integrates performance insights i

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Using AI to Enhance Listing Photos can be Legally Risky

You can’t misrepresent a property, but there are ethical ways to use images generated by artificial intelligence to improve your clients’ experiences and better serve their needs.Artificial intelligence now makes it possible for you to send a listing photo, along with commands for whatever image enhancements you want, to an algorithm—and receive the enhanced photo in seconds. This new frontier for real estate technology may open endless pos

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Home Electrification

From vehicles to lawn tools, electric features are here to stay and growing in popularity, which means homes need to be equipped to handle the demand.Key takeaways:As the demand for electric vehicles, solar battery backups, and electric tools increase, so too will the need for charging options at home.Retrofitting existing homes might mean upgrading electrical panels or coming up with creative solutions in the garage.Electric is here to stay, and

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Smart-Home Tech Growing More Popular

Homeowners are looking for easy upgrades that are simple to control while adding convenience and value to their homes. They’re increasingly turning to smart-home technology, particularly during the pandemic.Smart-home technology can mitigate danger, prevent damage, manage resources, and anticipate maintenance needs, according to a new report from Z-Wave, a company that provides a wireless technology for smart homes. Z-Wave’s 2022 Z-Wave State

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Celebrating Turning 9...

Today we celebrate 9 years! And owe that to the loyal and hardworking... You know who you are and we'll continue to be by your side, ensuring the best of both sides. And anyone that has yet to give us a try, we welcome you to take a leap of faith.

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REALTORS: Tech Tools Real Estate Pros Most Commonly Use

Real estate professionals are rapidly adopting technology for closing transactions or for marketing. Most home buyers start their hunt online so agents are casting a wide net.Forty-one percent of more than 6,000 executives and senior management at real estate firms surveyed say one of their biggest challenges over the next two years is keeping up with technology, according to the 2021 Real Estate in a Digital Age report produced by the National A

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The Future of Cities will be ‘Extreme Automation’

How will commercial real estate needs change in the next five to 10 years? How has the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the change? And what’s the implication for cities? Those questions were top of mind as the National Association of REALTORS®’ inaugural C5 Summit, a commercial real estate conference, kicked off Monday in New York.Cities have a bright future, said Greg Lindsay, a senior fellow and director of applied research at the 

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